I’m Geert.
What can I do for you?

I’m a creative content producer with more than ten years experience in managing design, digital, animation and film projects, for both agencies and brands. As former partner of two creative production companies I have originated ideas and handled all aspects of production for all kinds of media projects. I’m an organizer with creative outbursts, an analyst and a problem solver with practical insights.


I received my Master degree¬†in Art and Media Management in 2006 at the School of Arts Utrecht. By then Marcel Vrieswijk and I already founded¬†creative production company “Buro Knapzak”. In no way constrained by entrenched traditions, we fused animation, live action and the digital domain together, pushing the boundaries of technology. Three years later, after working together on numerous award-winning projects with designer and director Martijn Hogenkamp, we decided to partner up and we founded PlusOne. Since opening doors of the design and animation studio PlusOne has grown into an award-winning company with an international team of specialists. As partner I was responsible for production, studio management and HR/recruitment.