360º Panorama

At the place where Romans once guarded the river from their fortress, The city of Utrecht recreated a modern interpretation of the fort: “Castellum Hoge Woerd”, a cultural meeting place. Behind the six meter high walls you’ll find an archaeological museum, an educational center for environmental education, a theater and a restaurant. The city asked PlusOne to create a 360º panoramic animation to show the environmental changes throughout the centuries, from Bronze Age to present times, highlighting the most important.
We closely worked with the archaeological department of the city to create all imagery as accurate as possible. In the process we gathered almost weekly for half a year before we finalized the digital paintings and started animating.  Of course you should visit the museum for the complete story and full 360º experience with surround sound.


10 September 2016


City of Utrecht


Designed, directed and produced by PlusOne Digital paintings by Joeri Levebre Sound design by ParkStudio

My Role